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    Poised to re-ignite the skating industry

    • Stops in half the distance
    • Increased safety
    • Eliminates heel stoppers
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Outlasts all other systems
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    Protects kids & reassures parents

    • 2XS option stops in half the distance
    • Ideal for average size recreation-level skaters
    • Easy to brake, easy to learn
    • Better balance on all 8 wheels
    • Control speed on slopes and hills
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    Transforms fear into fun and fitness

    • Ladies, confidence to skate wherever you want!
    • Better balance by stopping on all 8 wheels
    • Smooth, controlled stops on every surface
    • Control unwanted acceleration as never before
    • Safer for beginners and experts alike
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    Licensees will revitalize a languishing sport

    • Hidden system increases market appeal
    • Production models will improve on prototypes shown
    • No flat spots where disks touch wheels
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Disk/clutch means no skidding or wheel flattening
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    Tested and applauded by downhill extremists

    • 4XS option best for advanced, high-end use
    • Standard brake (left) more awkward
    • Increased balance for high-speed control
    • Stopping distances cut in half
    • Outlasts all other systems

Two options cover all skating levels

2 And 4 Wheel Disk Braking Systems

Stopping Injuries With All Four Wheels On The Ground

Easy to learn

2XS: Youth testers with no prior skating experience mastered stopping and speed control in a single lesson.

Brake in two moves

  1. Coast in a narrow stance
  2. Slide braking skate forward
  3. Boot cuff tips back and disk brake smoothly slows wheels

My dream brake!

Says Liz Miller of GetRolling.com, renowned author, brake system tester and Camp Rollerblade instructor.

About Liz and Get Rolling

  • Instructor since 1993
  • Director, Camp Rollerblade
  • Sponsored by Rollerblade
  • Guide, Zephyr Adventures

Thoroughly tested


4XS: DXS (nearest skater) proved more secure, balanced and easy to apply during hours of extreme speed tests by inline downhill competitors.

Benefits skaters want

  • Silent, invisible, effective
  • Safer, easier stopping
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No protruding parts

Benefits to the inline skating industry could be profound!