Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this system being sold?

At this time, nowhere. We are currently in discussions with three leading inline skate manufacturers. Return to this website often for the latest news on licensing!

What’s the difference between the 4XS and the 2XS systems?

The 2XS option is most effective for youth and lighter-weight recreational skaters. The 4XS basically doubles the disk setup used in the 2XS: rather than contacting the tops of two wheels, there are two sets of disks in the 4XS that touch two pairs (or 4) wheels. This setup is more effective for slowing and stopping larger and more aggressive skaters moving at higher speeds.

Which system is likely to be available in stores first?

Inline manufacturers and others in the industry believe that safety issues related to the old brake technology resulted in greatly reduced interest in the sport for both parents (who fear for their child’s safety) and women. For this reason, licensing for the DXS youth/recreation-oriented system is the most likely to be available first.

How much extra cost will the DXS technology add to the price of new skates?

A survey of potential buyers revealed that 43% would be willing pay 20% extra for DXS-equipped skates, and 10% would pay “any price

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