Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DXS system be retro-fitted to my old skates?

Sorry, no.

How does this cuff-activated system compare with the Rollerblade ABT?

The ABT was innovative and effective and won the industry’s Product of the Year in 1994. Unfortunately, its bulky look and rear protrusion alienated skaters and caused ridicule, which ultimately led to its demise. The DXS is cuff-activated; however there is no visible brake or rear-extending mount. Common problems with the rubber stopper — skipping, tripping, screeching, leaving marks and getting out of balance — are eliminated by the DXS.

The standard brake takes lots of time and practice to master. What makes the DXS any better?

SeanSideUnlike dragging a rubber stopper across the pavement, the DXS givesSDC11998 you smooth, gradual stops every time, even on rough or irregular surfaces. Also, cuff-activated braking is easier to learn because you’re not trying to stay balanced on one foot while lifting the toe of the other. The proof is in the testing. Experienced skaters like Geoffry (shown right) were able to brake effectively within minutes of first trying the DXS 2 Wheeler system. And although Sean (shown left) had never been on inlines before, by the end of a 90-minute lesson, he was using the DXS to stop on a line and control his speed going down a neighbourhood hill.

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