Skater Demand

“I am very disappointed by discontinuation of ABT skates [Rollerblade’s cuff-activated rubber stopper].Cannot skate otherwise, same for my husband. I am hopeful that these disk brake skates will be available in near future!”

Linda M. Arizona

“It is about time someone came up with a safer brake system for inlines. I’m experienced but my wife is just getting into skating. The ability for beginners to brake without their wheels leaving the ground would help them out a lot. Having an easy way to stop makes you more confident about rolling.”

Parrish S. California

“I love skating recreationally and for exercise, but I don’t skate much anymore because of the fear of falling. I am 57 years old now and it is the stopping that is hard to do. I would love a better way to stop.”

Pat H. Illinois

“I do not want to buy a top-of-the line, brand new, super-light duty, space-age technology skate with a rubber pad sticking out the back as the braking system! That’s as advanced as throwing an anchor!”

Paul N. FLorida

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